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Colavita Motivation Man 1/2 Iron & Olympic Triathlon
Presented by Publix

Game On’s Signature 1/2 Ironman & Olympic Distance Triathlon
Downtown West Palm Beach, FL


Motivation Man Mini Triathlon Event Series

Game On’s Innovative, Exciting Beginner’s Triathlon Series
Boca Raton, FL • Jupiter, FL • Miami, FL • Tampa Bay, FL • Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Photo Gallery for Game On Sports Marketing Events

Including the signature 1/2 Ironman & Olympic Motivation Man and Motivation Man Mini event series.



Palm Beaches Marathons

Palm Beaches Marathon & Run Fest Weekend
Palm Beaches Marathon/Lifetime Fitness



Lifetime Fitness

Property Sponsorship Proposal



Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network

Public Relations materials





Game On Sports Marketing:

• Motivation Man Sponsorship Recap
• Motivation Man Mini Sponsorship Presentation
• Motivation Man Sponsorship Presentation

Palm Beaches Marathons:

• Palm Beaches Marathon Sponsorship Presentation
• West Palm Beach Marathon Weekend One-Sheeter

Lifetime Fitness:

• Lifetime Fitness Partnership Proposal

Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network:

• YES Network Bill O’Reilly Centerstage (quotes would be disseminated to the media to be published in papers such as: New York Post, New York Daily News, New York Times, ESPN, NBC Sports, SportsBusiness Journal, amongst others)